Recommendations To Parents :

  1. Parents are requested to send their children to the school in well-dressed neat and clean.
  2. Parents are requested to take care physically to their children.
  3. Parents are requested to send their ward in the school at appropriate time.
  4. Parents are requested to send their children to the school without leaving precious things or money.
  5. Parents are requested to lodge the complaint in the office in case of lost any things during the school period.
  6. Please write the name of the child on all the books and copies and other things which are being brought with them in the school.
  7. Those children who are suffering from chicken pox or Sankramak disease, he/she should not be sent to the school until they are fully cured.
  8. Parents are requested to see the instruction/proposal given in the diary and take special care daily.
  9. It may be ensured that children are coming to school with books and copies according to their time-table.
  10. Parents are requested to contact the Principal of the school about the progress of their children.
  11. No child is allowed to go to home in the interval, therefore, he/she should come to school with having some refreshment. It is not allowed to some refreshment to the children during school period.
  12. Parents have to manage for sending their children to school and back in case of emergency or non-availability of vehicles.
  13. If the child does not reach his home at appropriate time, this fact may please be brought to the notice of the office immediately.
  14. Such parents/ guardians whose names are registered in the school as parents/guardians, they are only entitled to make enquiry or to lodge any complaints about the children.
  15. No one can meet the child/teacher without the permission of the Principal.
  16. Parents are requested to contact the principal whenever he invites.
  17. Parents are requested to cooperate their children for completing the home task given by the school. After completion of the home task, children may be deputed for the school.
  18. It may be ensured that the children are coming to school with diary daily.
  19. Parents are requested to get ready their children before reaching the vehicle in order to same the time & it will be helpful for reaching the school timely.