General Rules & Information :

  1. No leave of absence will be granted unless and until it is got signed by parent/guardian.
  2. No leave of absence will be granted during ceremony of National function or school function’s.
  3. No leave of absence will be granted during examination. However, if any child fails ill and he/she is not in a position to appear in the examination, a medical certificate has to be submitted to the principal for considering his/her result.
  4. A meeting will be organised with the parents/guardian by the Principal of the school after expiring of two months in which the presence to the parents/guardian are essential.
  5. If the fees is not paid up to the 30th of the month. The name of the child will be removed the school register. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for re-admission.
  6. If any child is absent for the last 10 days without submitting the leave application, in that case his/her name will also be removed from the student’s register.
  7. Please not pressurize to the principal for reduction or rebate towards fees.
  8. Students will not be allowed to sit for examination until all fees, due to the school, are paid.
  9. If any parent/guardians want to with draw the name of the his/her child from the school, he/she should have informed in writing to the principal before one month.
  10. All the parents/guardians, student’s shall be welcomed by the principal of the school who will give their proposal towards development and advancement of the school.